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Who we are


We are a small group of volunteers in the UK and Ghana who have supported and mentored needy and destitute children and young people in Ghana for many years.


We are committed to:

  • Coming along side these young people to see them make a positive difference in their own lives and in their nation.

  • Keeping our supporters well informed with regular newsletters.

  • Raising funds that go directly to help its beneficiaries - underprivileged young people whose families have no hope of assisting them - so transforming their lives and futures.


The charity complies with the latest enhanced safeguarding standards. We are non-discriminatory believing there are opportunities for all and ensure all sponsorships and donations are treated with integrity, confidentiality and accountability. All funds raised go directly into supporting learning in Ghana – in the UK all expenses, administration and time are donated by our volunteer staff and not taken from the charity’s funds.


What we do

Learning For Life Ghana works to support the education of disadvantaged young people in Ghana. We listen to these young people and empower them to make choices and sustainable changes by giving them an opportunity to work towards a secure future.

School or tuition bills are funded according to need, allowing them to attend an institution that will prepare them for entry to an occupation, trade or profession. Partnering with these young people and following their progress is an often challenging but rewarding adventure!

Following the receipt of a Small Charities Challenge Fund grant from FCDO Learning For Life Ghana successfully planned and managed the project 'Tools for Teachers' from 2018-2021. This project trained 180 Ghanaian teachers, helping them develop skills to identify and assist children who have Special Educational Needs.

The capacity of teaching staff has been strengthened, but the ultimate beneficiaries will be the children who can enjoy an inclusive education in mainstream school, meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 'Leave No One behind'.

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Our goals

Learning For Life Ghana attracts sponsorship and donations for young people who are unable to proceed with an education programme due to lack of family resources. This gives them the opportunity to achieve their potential and break out of the poverty cycle.

The 'Tools for Teachers' project cultivated positive outcomes which were verified by the FCDO awarding the project an A+ grading. The FCDO commended Learning For Life Ghana on how strong and sustainable outcomes had exceeded expectations, the significant improvements to reading age and a solid response to value for money. Development will be maintained by new Ghanaian government initiatives and the trained teachers sharing their knowledge and supporting pupils in local schools, allowing children with barriers to learning to be better understood. Learning For Life Ghana has used the experience gained from the Tools for Teachers project to better support our young learners with Special Educational Needs in securing trades and mentors appropriate to their needs. 

We listen to young Ghanaians and empower them to make sustainable choices. This gives them an opportunity to work towards a secure future.

How we achieve our goals?

Over many years Learning For Life Ghana has developed strong connections with local Ghanaian's who have a genuine interest in education and training for young people. As cases of need are presented, the charity makes assessments and will raise funds to embark on a programme of support for a particular student. Any resources that are donated for the purposes of education or vocation are given to learners or shared with partner charities in Ghana to meet identified needs. 

In Ghana, link workers assess and mentor students as they progress through their learning programmes. School bills are presented to the charity before payment is issued. The charity manages its input into these students efficiently and effectively with outcomes that are success stories; qualified nurses and teachers, students being supported through both Senior High School and a variety of vocational training programmes.

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Our Mission

Future development of the charity

We envisage a continuing need for support for disadvantaged learners until government provision improves. Consolidated input into a few lives makes a big difference to those individuals and their families. We aim to continue raising funds for learners, who in turn will support their home nation through the knowledge and skills they have acquired - a success story at every level every time!

Please help us to support these young people today!

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